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“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us”

Winston Churchill, October 1943

Dual Purpose Lecture Theatre - Loughborough Design School © Photo Courtesy of Hufton + Crow

In Business Environments......

Teamwork centred around visual collaboration is an essential attribute of 21 st  Century task-based working.  Workplaces and their mix of formal and social meeting spaces must transform if they are going to support the invention and innovation required to compete in today’s global economy.   New working environments that provide teams with the spaces and technologies that drive full- participation collaboration forward, provide benefits for both the company and the individuals and, with the right business culture and leadership, can produce some truly outstanding results.

In Higher Education......

During the last ten years government programmes to build new primary and secondary schools have seen standards of energy efficiency and green construction blended with contemporary designs to produce new inspirational learning environments that maximise space. Within higher education, traditional lecture theatres and outdated teaching rooms continue to dominate learning environments despite research that evidences the advantages to understanding and employability from new active learning pedagogies enabled by technology and adaptive spaces that better support today’s learners. For universities seeking to develop students to reach their full potential, active learning that promotes curiosity to engage them in a deeper understanding through problem solving and critical thinking to discover new answers for themselves, has to be an increasingly important pedagogy that educators embrace.
Evolution of environments for active learning and collaborative meetings