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Dual Purpose Classroom - University of Wolverhampton
Using Top-Tec’s Venus versatile flip-top desks, this learning room at the University of Wolverhampton is equally effective as an IT suite for 64 undergraduates, or as standard desks for non-IT tuition. The desks conceal a screen keyboard and mouse, which become instantly available to the student with the pull of small lever beneath the desk surface.  The robust steel frames are purposely designed to support heavy computer equipment, and a side- mounted computer cages secure the hardware from casual theft, bumps and knocks.   Inbuilt cable trunking provides neat and easy cable management for power and data cables.  If required, adjoining desks can be bolted together to create a more permanent room layout.  And when it comes to examinations, the room is equally at home as an IT suite or configured with standard exam desks. Benefits Before the installation of Top-Tec's desks, undergraduate Psychology courses at Wolverhampton were previously allocated 3 teaching spaces on a permanent basis.  The use of these versatile desks has freed up the other two rooms that have now become centrally bookable, and increased the space utilisation of the building at a time when, for the next two years as Wolverhampton constructs two new buildings, space is at a particular premium.  TOP-TEC design and manufacture a range of technical furniture solutions that combine people and technology, helping educational organisations to achieve the best possible outcomes from Learning and Teaching spaces.  Manufactured in Birmingham, Top-Tec's Venus versatile desks are available in a range of sizes and colours to match any room.  To better support disabled students, there is also an electronically operated height adjustable single desk versions too.
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