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College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing, University of Dundee
Initial designs - by the architect Nicholas Burwell - were influenced by a broad range of experiences and imagery, including cabaret and Japanese Kabuki theatre.  The repeating of geometric rock columns at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland inspired the form of the raked seating modules.Compared to traditional layouts, Connect Seating reduces the room capacity by around 20%, but the provision for group-work without the need for additional spaces has increased overall space utilisation at universities have successfully installed new spaces or refurbished existing ones.There are now a number of designs suitable for a wide range of auditoria footprints, and a the University of Dundee, the College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing has a auditorium combining both ‘Connect’ and traditional seating that significantly increases its suitability for a wide range of learning scenarios. Dual-Purpose Lecture Theatre Used for the didactic delivery of instruction from one academic to many students, traditional lecture theatres have remained virtually unchanged over many years.  With this innovative ‘Connect Seating’ system - created from an understanding of contemporary pedagogy and the relationship between information-gathering and questioning in the pursuit of knowledge acquisition - lecture theatres can now support a mix of learning experiences.  All of this is achieved without the need for rearrangement of either furniture or students.   Through its geometry, each module provides an informal environment avoiding the need to disrupt learning that takes place when traditional lecturing isn’t suitable and students have to search for ‘break-out space’.
Evolution of environments for active learning and collaborative meetings

A Mix of ‘Connect’ and traditional seating

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University of Exeter

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