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Viewing 3 PowerPoint TM  Slides Simultaneously
Q. Why Would You Want To Show Three PowerPoint Slides Simultaneously? Q. Wouldn’t That Be Complicated and Expensive? Firstly, let’s dispel any myths about cost.  The purchase of 3 Projectors or 3 Large Format Displays probably cost less than just a single projector did only a few years ago.  Your computer probably has a single graphics connector to a display.  It will need a new graphics card that can output to 3 displays - available for less than £350. And finally it will new some cleaver plug-in software for PowerPoint, which again costs only US$300. Secondly, it must be complicated? When you start off a slide show, the software asks you if you just want to use a single display, or all of them.  (If you use a single display for PowerPoint, then you still have two displays to show supporting information, say from a website or video.) If you say you want to use all three displays, then when you advance to your second slide, the first one remains on show instead of being replaced by it.  Wouldn’t that be cool to create a new slide that refers to and builds on one that stays on display?  Not only would it be cool, but how would that help your students to grasp information? Now multiple pieces of information can be shown that are in context (engineering, for example), that can be compared and contrasted (Art History, for example) or that better explain the results of a research project. With three displays you can: Have greater amounts of information on display that allow connections and comparisons to be made Better engage students (or R&D teams) with greater amounts of information Have information on show for longer, which not only helps with assimilation and understanding, but is also of value to those that don’t have the presentation language as their mother-tongue, i.e. foreign students Q. Do I Need The ‘Special Software’ On My Own Computer? No.  You just use any version of PowerPoint to create your slide show.  It’s only the computer in the room connected to the three projectors* that needs to have the software Plug-In installed.  You can send your file there over the network or use a USB key. Q.  *Only 3 Projectors? No.  The current limit would be 8 displays (you’d then need a computer with 2 x Quad Graphic Cards installed).  In fact, the University of Nottingham has a room with 6 enabled projectors. Q.  Can I use an interactive projector or screen Yes you can, but only one.   Now you can add annotations to slides - because you want to explain more deeply in real-time, or because a student asks a great question.   You can also use the interactive screen to insert a new blank slide at an point in your presentation and use it to capture whiteboard notes back into the original presentation.   This helps students to recall contextual information from their learning session when they review the slides on the VLE. Q.  Where Can I Found Out More? Drop me an email, call my mobile phone, or use the contact form on my ‘contact’ page.