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Lecture Theatre Refurbishment - Queen’s University Belfast © Photos Courtesy of Christopher Heaney
Lecture Theatre Refurbishment It’s difficult to recognise that all the photographs on this page were taken in the same room.  Part of Queen’s University Strategic Plan (2011-2016) is to “Provide an academic environment where there is effective and enriched engagement between staff and students leading to a high quality education experience, high levels of student satisfaction and improved progression and attainment rates for all our students.”  Like many Russell Group Universities, Queen’s has facilities that date back closer to its foundation than the modern day.  Many such spaces were perfectly adequate for didactic delivery of information, but not for presenting an intellectually challenging pedagogy where students learn with their peers as much as from their tutors.   The reality is that such traditional spaces do not meet the current and future needs of students and the wider society they will ultimately work in.   Whilst the refurbishment reduces the maximum number of students in the room at an one time, the reality of modern teaching is that overall space utilisation rates increase.  Instead of leaving the room empty whilst students engage in group work - often part-way through the ‘lecture’ - students can remain in the room to work effectively in their groups, spending more time on their studies and less time searching for group-space.   Outside of formal teaching hours, the room can be effectively used by students engaged in group tasks - again increasing space utilisation and student satisfaction rates.
Evolution of environments for active learning and collaborative meetings