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Evolution of environments for active learning and collaborative meetings

Sanctuary - Personal Space in Demanding Office Environments

A Temporary Sanctuary from Open-Plan Distractions
Many of us with flexible working arrangements appreciate the peace and solitude of working from home; we can turn phones to silent and concentrate on advancing time-critical tasks towards completion.   Not everyone adapts to the visual, noise and personality distractions that infiltrate open-plan environments, and yet for collaboration to thrive we need to work side-by-side with colleagues and engage in arranged meetings and impromptu discussions.  Providing private spaces for spells of short-term usage within busy offices makes perfect sense for businesses looking for collaborative improvements. Before and after collaboration people often need some private space away from the distractions.  Time to think, time to take a confidential phone call, and time to strategise.   A significant percentage of key creative people are essentially introverts and need relative peace and quiet if they are to produce their best work for you. These cost-effective solutions for creating Sanctuary Spaces come in single, double (side-by-side and back-to-back) and quad arrangements, with a great choice of colours, heights, widths, fixed seating and no seating.  All units are free standing and can be integrated with power and data for use as personal video conferencing booths, and are easy to relocate if your needs change. Use the Enquiry Form on our Contact Page and we will put you in direct touch with the manufacturer.
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