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Full Participation Technology is Essential for Achieving High Performance Collaboration
Share Screens or Fully Participate? We are all used to environments where somebody uses wired or wireless technology to display the content of their device (traditionally a laptop, but increasingly tablets and smartphones) to everyone else in the room.  To view a different source means ‘disconnecting’ the current one, which could have been very useful to see alongside the new visual information, especially if the original information was the catalyst for material now on display.   What if you could see both pieces of information together in the same visual panorama?   How would being able to compare and contrast information whilst visually in context increase both the collaboration and positively impact on the quality of the decisions and outcomes being reached? Full Participation Drives High Performance Collaboration What if one participant was able to show their information and other participants were able to construct and edit this information in real-time from their own devices?  How would this functionality increase engagement and participation by those present and help your organisation to achieve better outcomes more quickly?    Wireless connectivity of ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ (BYOD) or company-issued technology is now making this full participation a reality for many organisations, especially as the cost in equipment and low training requirements to make this happen are relatively modest.    It’s really not complicated, and meeting participants are energised by the positive contribution it makes to fully participative collaboration.  And remember when you had to wait for meeting notes and actions to be circulated?  Research shows that they longer the wait, the more the enthusiasm to advance the project reduces.  Well what if all those present could stream a copy of the notes, actions, and any other presentations whilst at the meeting, and all without clogging up email servers with multiple copies of large attachments. The Benefits of Full Participation BOYD Collaboration Visual panorama of information in context Improved productivity and outcomes Highly motivated and more satisfied employees Supports all platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Provides a competitive advantage to those organisations that embrace BYOD Achieves High Performance Collaboration* *High Performance Collaboration requires a mix of technology, people, culture and leadership in order to be successful.  The great news is that corporate technology solutions are following the mantra of smartphone apps and being designed for users and not for the engineers! However.....Don’t Start with the Technology  Identify the outcomes from collaborative engagements that will make a positive difference to your organisation, and then purposely select the technology that allows you to achieve this commercial advantage.  Don’t be held back by trying to overcome any existing technology that is not working for you by compromising the capabilities of those working in pursuit of business improvement objectives. To make these informed choices you need to analyse how technology is impacting on the ways you collaborate today.  Remember, the correct technology installed into a space with the wrong furniture and layout will be less effective than it should be, and many of today’s spaces are social rather than formal and designed to purposely create ad-hoc engagements where collaboration should thrive. Whilst recognising the management style and culture of your organisation, consider what you could change to make collaboration more effective; the spaces that these meetings take place in, and the participants who attend, etc. and now consider what technology could enable you to advance the collaborative capabilities that will produce a return on the investment required to make them happen.